Week 14: Designing for Equity, continues …

When working on that slide together we all had a shared purpose. I think the beautiful thing about it is that we were able to build off of each other’s ideas. I know that before I completed my slide I looked at all of my classmates beforehand to see what came to mind for them. It helped me to decide how I wanted to go about making my slide. An implication or conclusion from this is that we all learn from each other. I think I gain the most knowledge when I learning from other peers as well. Connect. Learn. Reflect

… all throughout my younger years when I spent a lot of my time doing cheerleading, I always felt very invested and as though my team had a sense of shared purpose around our work. We always knew we had to show up and never give up because we were all working towards the same end goal and we were relying on each other. We cheered for one another, cried with one another, caught one another when we fell, and we were constantly striving for an end goal which consisted of performing better than we had the time before. We always said practice makes “permanent” NOT perfect. Connection is Powerful

I am still thinking about my inquiry questions linking student behavior to equity and self-confidence in the classroom. I still feel that if we connect with students and get them involved in projects based on their interests, we may be able to decrease some anxiety and off-task behaviors that we often see in the classroom. The students will be more motivated and focused since learning will be focused on their own personal interests and goals. Connecting an Equitable Learning Community

Reflecting on my practice as a teacher has encouraged me to be more transparent. This “openness” permits me to grow as an educator. As I discuss strategies with colleagues or read more academic blogs I become an active member of a community that strives to evolve. Educators evolve by creating opportunities- both for their students and themselves. ED677 – Connected Learning Blog

I was so excited to see that this week is focused on the change we advocate and make based on our interests. It’s always especially inspiring when we see students taking action based off of an interest they have or a change they want to make in the world. I’ve included some resources below highlighting some youth stories I found impressive or deeply connected to. Since March is National Women’s Month, I’m making all of my finds about young women and their activism/change. This is my favorite Find Six Saturdays yet! In Learning We Are All Connected

This week for my findings I wanted to showcase work created by students around my building. For #s 1,4,5 I showcased work created by my 8th grades, some of our special education students, and a 6th grader. Jessica’s Blog – Ed677

Our shared purpose as a class is much more than this slide building activity for this week. Our shared purpose is making education better for not only the students, but for ourselves and the community. Syke’s Science and Connected Learning

I think drawing out my map of learning a few weeks back made me realize how I was supported and supported others throughout my learning journey. It was clear that those moments of connected support and shared purpose were times when I learned the most. My own examination of my learning was something that made me reflect on the opportunities present for my own students. The Journey to Connected Learning

A different way to look at learning how to draw portraits. The art teacher at Golden High School in Denver had his students visit a local retirement home for senior citizens to meet the individuals that would become the subjects of their drawings. Students used this time to not only learn the faces of their subject but also the stories of their subject, their personality, and their character. All of these aspects were reflected in the finished portraits of the senior citizens which the students gifted to the subjects of their drawing. The Sweet Art Lady

For this week’s map, I decided to use the format of a Synthesis Circle and free wrote about my journey in education thus far. As I wrote and reflected on my journey, I noticed familiar themes of learning and gaining new perspectives from my students, colleagues, and my own children. All of which have helped me grow as a teacher and have challenged my thinking about what it means to teach and learn. The Thoughts of a 3rd Grade Teacher

I know that my students are constantly scrolling through Instagram, and it is incredible for them to see themselves represented in a positive way. The open network of Instagram has given face time to individuals who would have never been given the opportunity for success in a world that has discarded their stories and experiences. The open platform of social media allowed these individuals to share themselves with the world. At the same time that I praise these individuals, I know that there are also negative aspects to self-publishing on Instagram and other social media sites. I won’t link to specific examples (because I don’t want to give them any more traffic), but there have been many influencers who use their platform to sell hair products, quick-fix diets, vitamins, and other products that are in fact harmful and in some cases quite dangerous. The Radical Reider

What I liked about each story was that some of them were not direct experiences of empathy but they still had an impact on the student. An example of this, is a story that a young girl shared about a time in which one of her parents was an upstander by helping a man who was being physically assaulted. Even though the young girl was not a part of the situation, she was positively impacted by what happened and through that moment, learned about the importance of empathy. Jullette’s ‘Connected Learning’ Thoughts

You all = Awesome.

This week

This week we continue to work on our Flipgrid consultancies and final projects as per last week’s post. Please email me too if you want to go over your ideas and/or have questions about the consultancy process.

Also make sure to take time to look/listen to the online hangout from last week with special guests Amy Logue and Robert Sidelinker — it was a great conversation and I think could be helpful as you work on your final projects too.

And just because it’s inspiring and also fun, make sure to stop and view Caine’s Arcade. Robert mentioned it as an inspiration for his work in our hangout conversation and I don’t think we watch it together this semester. So in case you haven’t otherwise seen it (or want to watch it again), here you go:


As you work on your final make, don’t forget to check in on your own assessment of your progress with our ED677 Self-Assessment Guide. I will ask you next week to submit your final self-assessment to me, so use this time to do some reflection on your process.

Final Gathering

We have one more online gathering scheduled on Thursday May 2 at 7pm. I know not everyone can come but if you can be there please try to make it. We will talk about our final projects, chat about how the consultancy process went, and answer any final questions about final assessments and project submissions.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

In connected solidarity,

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