Week 15: Our Final Makes and Self-Assessments

Dear colleagues,

It’s been a wonderful semester learning alongside you all here at ED677. Look at all the things we made:

Nicely done everyone!

Here in final week then we will devote the time to finishing our final Makes and our self-assessments; we also have a final online gathering on Thursday May 2 at 7pm ET for those who can make it (and if you can’t, we’d love to have you share via Flipgrid; see below).

Final Makes

By the end of this week, Sunday May 5th, please have your final Make posted to your blog with a set of reflections about how it supported equity and connected learning. From the syllabus, here is a reminder about your final Makes:

Final Makes: Final projects, or our final “Makes,” should be something that you design that emerges from your inquiry questions and supports your work as an educator. Your project should explicitly focus on building towards equity and connected learning. Consider it as something you are creating that can help make connected learning and equity a reality in the world (in a big or small way). The expectation is that this final project will be shared publicly.

Spend time on this blog post; do not write it in one sitting. Draft it, then return to it at another time and revise. Spend the time this week reflecting on what you learn, what you made, and why you made it. Share your personal reflections and also think about a reader finding your final Make and wondering what it is about; explain it to them using the learning and design principles of Connected Learning.

Final Self-Assessment

By the end of this week, Sunday May 5th, please email me your final self-assessment. From the syllabus, here is a reminder about your self-assessments:

Self-Assessments: While I will encourage you to be self-reflective about your learning throughout the semester, we will stop to do self-assessments in this course at 2 specific points—mid-semester and end-of-semester as part of the final project. These self-assessments will inform your final grade. These self-assessments are not meant to be publicly shared unless you choose to do so.

Here is the self-assessment guide. Please make a copy.

I will respond to your self-assessment and also share with you the grade I am submitting for this course if you are taking it for credit (which I believe all of you are). You are welcome to contact me directly if you have concerns or questions.

Oh, and speaking of grades, here is another highlight from the syllabus:

Final Grading: For those registered and seeking credit, grades will be based on your own self-assessment and instructor assessment (70/30). Note that we will not be using the grading tools in Canvas. Instructor assessment will be based on: 1) Active and regular engagement with classmates and colleagues around the concepts of connected learning; 2) Reflection on your own learning and the implications of connected learning principles and values; 3) The completion of a final self-assessment and final public project.

Final Gathering/Sharing Makes

Our final gathering is a chance to celebrate and also share some highlights from our final Makes.

If you cannot join the gathering but would like to verbally share your final Make with us, feel free to add a new post to this Flipgrid before Thursday — https://flipgrid.com/1e50bc42 — and we will check it out there instead.

Instructor Feedback

As I mentioned mid-semester, I really appreciate any feedback you have for me as an instructor, about ways I might improve ED677, and/or concerns you have about me or this course supporting you in meeting expectations. Feedback is anonymously and will not impact your grade in anyway. The self-assessment guide includes a link to a form for this.

Great job everyone; almost there!

In Connected Solidarity,


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